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Water & Waste Material Testing

Water is a basic need for human survival as well as construction purposes. Life on earth cannot be imagined without water. Water should be pure and free from any impurities as impure water is the prime source of many diseases and hence needed to be tested for the different parameters so as to ensure that it is safe for drinking purpose. 

Drinking water should tested for solids, hardness, alkalinity and other parameters to make it safe for consumption. Wastewater should also be checked for various parameters such as solids, BOD, COD so as to ensure that it is suitable to be dumped in river and make sure that it does not pollute the environment. Similarly construction water should also be checked for ts suitability to be used in the construction purposes as water having undesirable may STL conducts the testing of the water and wastewater as per relevant standard and standard procedures:

Standard procedure

Parameter Tested


Parameters Tested: