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Building & Road Material Testing

  Construction Industry is one of the most important part of the economy of a nation. India is a developing country and hence construction industry plays an important role in its economy. Quality control plays an important role in the construction industry. Economical and durable structures can be constructed only when there is proper quality control over the material used in the construction. Quality control can be achieved by testing of the building materials used in the construction such as cement, aggregate, steel, concrete, tiles, fly ash, bricks, stones and soil at regular intervals.STL provides reliable and accurate test results and the credibility of this is bored by the NABL accreditation. STL undertakes complete testing of the Cement, Steel, Aggregates, tile, Bricks, Concrete, Bitumen, Admixture and all building stones.STL undertakes the testing of the building materials as per relevant standards:



Building Stones





Wood and wooden products

Bitumen and Bitumen Product